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Three-D Foot Massager
The RA-01 thoroughly massages every part of the feet, including the soles, the top surfaces and even the areas under the ankle. With 3 shiatsu rollers and 4 kneading boards working on each foot, together with the use of air pressure, the RA-01 gives you the sensation that your feet are being massaged by the fingers of two strong hands. This soothing, yet sweetly painful sensation very quickly becomes addicting!

Air pressure pushes firmly against your ankles. The RA-01's new massage experience makes your feet feel completely relaxed and light!!
Also kneads areas, such as the toes - top surfaces of the feet and upward from the ankles - Achilles' tendons.
Gives a shiatsu-style massage that provides variable stimulation, according to the many acupressure points located throughout the soles of the feet.
2 automatic massage programs, "Powerful Foot Effects" and "Easy Comfortable Feet," relieve your tension and fatigue.

Air Compression Foot Massager
The ARM-01 air massager uses air power to apply a gentle pressure to weary and cold legs. It gently pushes from the lower legs to the upper leg areas, in order to assist in the upward flow of poorly circulating blood. Furthermore, the ARM-01 can put firm pressure deep into the arches of the feet, in order to enhance blood circulation. It makes your legs feel relaxed and light.

Enhances blood circulation in the legs by using a bottom-to-top motion, to completely massage areas extending from the toes, through the top surfaces of the feet, to the ankle bones and from the ankles to the calves.
Legs that are swollen due to long periods of standing, can be relaxed through ARM-01's firm, yet comfortable massage action.
Convenient fasteners allow for easy attachment and removal. One unit from a pair can be used to provide a massage for your hand or arm.
The appropriate strength can be selected to suit your feet and calves.


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