Electric Therapy

  • Flores plus

    Flores plus

    This product has two functions of high-frequency potential treatment and thermal treatment.
    The oscillatory electric field of high frequency, 5,400 Hz, produces a high effect while it reduces the unpleasant feeling, which is shown in ordinary high voltage potential treatment devices.
    You can choose the course from 3 treatment menus.
    This product adopts new technologes such as 3-type heat balance function, quickly-warm-up function, and MFC heater.
    The mattress uses the New material E-CORE cushion.
    This material is good for body pressure dispersion to prevent back ache, allergy-free sleeping environment, and for comfortable sleep.

  • Sweep Therapy

    Sweep Therapy

    "Sweep modulated wave", insensitive 4000 Hz current modulated by the stimulation signal of 50-1000 Hz, is used to the product.
    This product works effectively against various pains by working on the deeper nerves of the body.
    You can treat both knees, shoulders and waist etc, at the same time with 2 sets of pad conductors.
    You can choose the course from 4 menus and use it according to your physical condition.



    MK-06J provides a high electric potential output (3,000V / 4,000V / 6,000V).
    Also, it is equipped with diversified functions, such as +/- ratio switching (1:1, 1:3, 1:9), frequency switching (40 / 60 / 80 Hz), and a variety of the therapeutic courses (Four different courses).
    The electronic pen can be applied to the affected parts with two outputs, 800V or 1,500V.

  • Relaxation Park

    Relaxation Park

    • Relaxation Park uses our own “square magnet power field” magnetism-generating unit developed in-house. We’ve taken magnetic field generators that have been unidirectional until now, and made them multi-directional using our own technology. It emits planes, rather than beams, at diverse angles to reach blood vessels with a wide range of influence.
    • Alternating magnetic fields up to 110 millitesla in strength and oriented in four directions are utilized.
    • Choose from three different models that come with four, six, or eight units (see photo at left).
    • The tri-fold design lets you use it however you like — on a chair or sofa, or spread out on the floor, for example.
    Electromagnetic therapy utilizes variable magnetic fields that swap north and south poles 50 or 60 times per second, and magnetic force lines penetrate the body to provide a therapeutic effect.
    This magnetic field gently envelops the body, relieving stiffness at the spots where it is applied and improving blood circulation.

  • Footwave


    Weak electrical currents flow through the human body. The blood also contains substances that have electrical properties. If the flow of electrical current in the body is impeded, this can invite a variety of physical problems.
    Footwave's electrode pad can be applied to a wide range of body areas, allowing you to select a location for applying electricity and providing better results. It is useful for treating the shoulders and hips. Footwave is designed so you can apply it to the soles of your feet and elsewhere at the same time using the pad. By treating both at the same time, you can achieve more efficient results in shorter time.

  • Movas


    Movas uses an output voltage adjustment system to maintain better electrical potential output at all times.
    As far as numbers go, the Movas has a maximum wave height of 14,000V and a maximum effective intensity of 9,000V.
    It uses three-stage output balance. -100% balance is a newly developed feature. You can choose from a great variety of configurations, as it offers 24 different electrification sheet patterns and six electronic pen patterns.

  • Scramble Wave Neo

    Scramble Wave Neo

    Penetrates the body deeply for effective relief of unpleasant shoulder stiffness, neuralgia, and muscle pain.
    Multidirectional electrical currents and automatic frequency-modulation waves envelop the body with pleasant stimulation.
    Comes with built-in pain mode that uses our newly developed automatic frequency-modulation wave current.

    • Two electrotherapy treatment modes: multidirectional and pulse
    • Training mode for problem areas you want to rejuvenate
    • Full-featured therapy with nine treatment programs to choose from
    • Includes a heater pad that warms you during treatment

  • Cellwarm DX

    Cellwarm DX

    Easy to operate, and you can immediately feel the warmth.
    Good for fatigue recovery, promoting blood circulation, and relieving neuralgia and muscle pain.
    The high-powered compact unit features a modern design and heats up rapidly.
    High-speed automatic tuning achieves effective heating at all times.
    The room temperature sensor automatically adjusts the output to maintain stable heating at all times.
    It’s designed not to interfere with TV sets and other household appliances.




    It covers the entire foot with 6 rollers and 10 airbags.
    You can choose the course from 3 ones of the weak, moderate, or strong.
    You can choose ON/OFF setting of air massage for each part of "toe", "foot side" and "heel".
    You can enjoy the comfortable acupressure feeling and three-dimensional massage experience.
    Its color is high-class piano black with a sense of luxury.

  • Foot Strecher

    Foot Strecher

    • Improving Blood Flow
      Stretching relieves muscle tension, which results in better blood flow. The feet are called the second heart. What that means is that your feet act like a pump to send blood back up. Stretching this part of the body every day is thought to boost basal metabolism and improve blood circulation, which is so important for health.
    • Relieving Fatigue
      Stretching to improve muscle flexibility and blood flow can, on its own, facilitate the elimination of fatigue-related substances, so it can provide an effective means of relieving fatigue.
    • Promoting Blood Circulation through Two Types of Massage
    • Air Massage
      Air bags envelop your feet from toe to heel, stretching them and relieving tension as though massaged by hand. Furthermore, it uses protrusions to apply appropriate stimulation to the back of the foot, promoting blood circulation by relieving stress and stiffness all over the back of the foot.
    • Vertical Stretching
      With the feet held stationary by the air bags, the machine stretches the ankles and calves by moving the bottom up and down from the ankles. Repeatedly carrying out this motion can be effective at assisting blood circulation and improving ankle flexibility.

  • Celevita


    Get a full leg massage just by putting your legs in. Change your legs’ positioning to change which areas are massaged.
    You can reposition your legs as desired in order to massage the top of your feet, your arches, your heels (with rollers), and your calves.

    • If you put your foot arches in the center, your entire leg can be effectively massaged.
    • If you want to focus the massage on the tops of your feet, reposition your legs to the side for massaging the tops of your feet.
    • If you want to focus the massage on your heels, reposition your legs to the heel side.
    • If you want to massage your calves with light stimulation, push your knees forward a bit.
    • If you want a standard massage, position your calves in the center of the calf massage area.
    • If you want to massage your calves with strong stimulation, move your knees back so that the back of the massage device envelops your calves, and then carry out the massage.

  • Solarch


    For all modern people who stand a lot during work and get tired feet.
    Solarch faithfully recreates a “metatarsal massage” technique that differs completely from traditional kneading-only massage. It helps to create stronger, fatigue-resistant foot arches — something lacking in the feet of modern people — while eliminating foot fatigue.
    The arch consists of the lines that connect the foot’s three landing spots: the heel, the outer ball, and the inner ball.

  • Resetty


    Novel therapy achieved by great twisting of the hips. Lie down on the mattress, position the airbags against both sides of the hips, and fasten the belt.
    Activate the “automatic program” for a twisting massage like that shown in the picture.

    Left hip twist

    Right hip twist

    Back stretch

    Leg stretch

    Buttocks massage

    The four airbags laid beneath you bulge crosswise, performing a soft massage that exerts minimal stress on the lumbar.
    Recommended for people concerned about hip flexibility, people who work continuously for long hours in the same body posture, and for people who want to improve poor blood circulation in the lower body.

  • La Cuno

    La Cuno

    This device applies a tapping sensation that slowly changes over five minutes from a light tap to a drum-like pounding rhythm.
    There are four settings you can choose, including “powerful”, “relaxing”, and one-sided beats, as well as seven strength settings that let you find the perfect comfort level.
    La Cuno is lightweight and easily handheld in size, a convenient massage device to apply to any part of the body, including the shoulders, back, hips, and thighs.

  • Zappino


    This stylish massage device is shaped like a cushion.
    It promotes blood circulation with 30 different rhythms ranging from ripple vibrations to firm fist-like kneading. It’s easy to use and can be adjusted to six different strength settings.
    It treats the buttocks muscle (the gluteus maximus), which is so essential for achieving good posture and pain-free hips. If you sit while using it, it helps both your buttocks and thighs recover from fatigue.
    It can massage away stiffness pent up in the back and hips, and it can also relieve leg fatigue if placed on the calves and bottom of the feet.

  • Ashi Momimarl

    Ashi Momimarl

    The powerful, high-speed Ashi Momimarl is an air-based massage device that is effective for feet and popular with women. It include voice control for easy operation, and its user-friendly design includes fasteners for easy attachment and removal.
    It includes an automatic setting that massages the top of the foot, the ankle, and the calf in order, as well as settings for specific areas and a “whole foot” setting that applies pressure to the entire foot.
    Use it in relaxed poses, such as sitting on chairs or lying in bed.

  • Comfort Top

    Comfort Top

    Designed with unique rollers: thick acupressure rollers and central massage rollers with a center bulge.
    The acupressure roller contains six differently-shaped parts, and you can change the rotation direction and adjust the rotation speed. This allows you to achieve a moderately stimulating massage in accordance with your preferences.
    If you connect to an audio device you own, you can enjoy the massage while you relax.
    *We currently sell two massage devices with rollers for the bottom of the foot: the Comfort Top and the three-dimensional Celevita.

  • Sylphino α

    Sylphino α

    Sylphino α ball-less massage chair uses air to knead, stretch, pound, twist, and squeeze.
    It is excellent at applying multiple techniques, including neck squeezing massages, shoulder pressure techniques, hip twisting, and air massages. It’s equipped with twin pumps for fast, high-powered results that really make a difference in pelvic therapy. The chair is designed to be slim, compact, and stylish.

  • Grandis


    Grandis provides soft massages using thick massage balls for the neck and shoulders, and strong massages using massage balls with protrusions for the hip area. Quick and simple two-step use of the remote control lets you activate the automatic program mode.
    Its attractive design makes you want to try it the moment you see it, and it’s lightweight for use in apartments. Furthermore, it comes with adjustable leg rests as one of its features.


  • Triple Energy blanket

    Triple Energy blanket

    Three special types of cotton "MARRIAGE ENERGY", "CHIO CLEAN" and "MINEON HEALTH" warm the body from the core.
    This blanket uses "Downy Soft", so it drapes well and you can sleep in a warm and comfortable setting. We offer the trial session in which you can experience the effect.

  • Ginseng Lactobacillus Power

    Ginseng Lactobacillus Power

    This product contains 5 billion pieces of raw lactobacillus (per stick), which are not so widely available in the market; they carry fresh lactobacillus to the intestines.
    Also, it is blended with Ginseng, which contains high quantity of saponin.
    The combination of Lactobacillus and Ginseng helps to increase immunity and improve the environment inside the intestines.

Business Partners

We can create products suited to your needs thanks to our partnerships with manufacturers and factories in various countries.
We develop massage devices, electric therapeutic devices, alternating magnetic field-based therapeutic devices, and similar products together with factories that specialize in these fields.
Making use of the various strengths of factories in Japan and oversea allows us to carry out planning, development, and production quickly.
Please contact us using the form linked below if you would like more detailed information.
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Product Development

  • OEM
    We have brought a variety of products to market. We are accepting orders for the production of customer's own proprietary products in accordance with customer's requests.
    We can produce a wide variety of products in accordance with the customer’s needs, including electric massage device, magnetism-based therapeutic device, and low-frequency waves therapeutic device.
  • Planning
    We offer research and consulting services for markets your company specializes in as well as comparative studies of existing products in order to propose products in accordance with your requests.
    In order to propose products that suit individual companies, our company’s specialists will brainstorm to come up with ideal solutions.
  • Development
    Our company’s specialists make proposals for product development on the basis of our research.
    We create proposals that are tailored to our clients, based on our understanding of their needs.
    Using that proposal as a guide, we then carry out all aspects of planning after meeting with the customer to discuss their budget and requests.